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The political and legal channel of Changsha TV station is the first professional channel in China under the legal system, and its audience ranks among the top three in Hunan media. it is the most dynamic and characteristic ground media in the TV Xiang Army, which broadcasts TV programs for more than 17 hours every day. The program is transmitted by both wireless and wired means, and the signal covers Changsha City and some surrounding areas.

In 2000, he was award that title of "civilized unit" by the Changsha municipal government of the CPC Central committee, and in 2001 by the propaganda department of the CPC Central committee and the ministry of justice of the PRC. In 2013, Seven national radio and television program awards and nine provincial radio and television program awards were awarded as "Top 100 Chinese Brand Media" and "Top 10 Most Valuable Terrestrial Channel" at the 4th China Brand Media Summit Forum Golden Great Wall Media Award, "2011 China's Top 10 Terrestrial Broadcasting and Television Channel" and other honorary titles. In July 2013, the city government awarded the title of "Changsha Emergency Channel," which was formally incorporated into the emergency management system of the city government, and was the first television media in the province to win the title.

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