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Changsha Metro TV is jointly built by Changsha Radio and Television Group and Changsha Rail Transit Group Co., Ltd., and undertakes all the TV program advertisement management rights based on the PIS system of Metro Line 1 and Line 2. Changsha Urban Rail Transit Group Co., Ltd. is the only official television media.

Relying on the strong program content production capacity of Changsha Radio and Television and combining the operation characteristics of Changsha Metro Line 2, the Company is guaranteed by a digital, networked and forward-looking technology system. In addition, that integrate advantages of broadcast and television program content and the channel advantages of rail transit are organically combined, and news information, movie and television entertainment, life and leisure, subway operation tips, travel safety knowledge, urban image publicity, Civilized travel, emergency information and other contents play the role of informing emergency information such as video broadcasting and large passenger flow relief, and build a public information platform and urban emergency service platform for Changsha. A comprehensive information service platform integrating people's life information platform.

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