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Besides the normal TV function, Changsha Mobile TV is also the public information emergency platform and public transportation information service platform in Changsha. To undertake the summarization of emergency management information in Changsha City, such as weather warning, public travel, public health safety and geological disaster warning, and play an important role in communication.

After more than nine years of development, the multimedia platform covers 1,800 buses, 3,500 taxis and Metro Line 2 which has been opened for operation, as well as Line 1 under construction, and Line 3 and Line 4 in the future. The length of Line 2 is 44.98 km. Metro TV was officially opened on April 29, 2014, and the vehicle-mounted mobile TV media with more than 5,300 display screens and the most distinctive outdoor public transportation in Changsha have been built. The signal coverage rate has reached over 95% in Changsha City, and has created huge media influence and market value by virtue of the spread characteristics of anytime, anywhere and along with others. The number of effective viewers per day exceeds 4 million.


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