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Da Ai Television is a network run by the Tzu Chi Communication Humanities Foundation, formerly known as Tzu Chi Daai Television, which was founded on August 17, 1999 and is a non-profit cause owned by the Tzu Chi Foundation. Daai TV is a TV station that does not accept commercial advertisements; One-third of the money comes from the Tzu Chi Foundation's environmental workers' recycling efforts, as well as donations from caring people.

Great Love TV was once defined as a religious television station at the beginning of its establishment. But after years of hard work, The Love Theatre, an adaptation of a true story, has become a well-known television channel in Taiwan. The news and programs produced by Da Ai Television focus on testifying to the times and writing history for Tzu Chi. Fresh material, hope both "newspaper" and "guide," guide the audience to see more real, think deeper.

Facing the era of rapid technological change, daai tv took the lead in developing digital acquisition, editing, broadcasting and storage system, and became the first tv station in Taiwan with no band and digital broadcasting.

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