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ChengTe TV is a 24-hour religious channel broadcast throughout the day. It is expected to purify people's hearts, educate their lives, promote spiritual reform and create a pure public service channel. To ease and purify the busy and mixed heart of modern people.

Buddhism is the greatest complete learning from July 5, 107, first broadcast at 11 am, replay at 5 pm, replay at 11 pm, replay at 5 am at heaven world truth from July 6, 107, first broadcast at 9 am, 3: OO p. M., 9: OO p. M., 3: OO a. M. Replay of the good store. You know it starts every Monday at 11: OO a.m., 5: OO p.m., 11: OO p.m. Re-broadcast of Dr. Xie's dental health lecture at 5 am per week at 9 am, at 3 pm, at 9 pm, at 3 am at the Zhengde Light reception room at 7 am per week and at 1 pm. 7: OO p. M., l: OO a. M. Replay

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