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The Happy Fishing Channel is a national paid digital TV channel of Happy Pioneer Media Co., Ltd of Hunan TV Station.

The Happy Fishing Channel will focus on the fishing competition, the original fishing activities and the fishing topics, and focus on the promotion and promotion of fishing culture. Through the integration of various means of TV programs, the channel will continuously innovate and break through. Easy form shows to pay TV audience very interesting, have the professional angling visual field of knowledge sex. The Fishing Vision can meet the needs of 15-75-year-old viewers, develop local fishing interaction activities by promoting the Chinese traditional fishing culture, spreading the world's advanced fishing concept, Set off the hottest fishing craze in China. Based on the production and promotion of TV programs, the Happy Fishing Channel will develop fishing clubs, e-commerce, fishing equipment sales, fishing industry centers and other related industries, forming a complete fishing industry chain. Create a brand-new form of industry.

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