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French Satellite Television is a Buddhist channel from Taiwan, which is aimed at the Buddhist students all over the world to publicize Buddhist sound and spread Buddhist teachings so as to purify the social atmosphere and improve the quality of life. We urge people to work hard to create a more harmonious and unified social atmosphere.

In that hope of give full play to the greatest function, many active Bodhisattvas who are busy in the industrial and commercial society and the way to learn Buddhism can avoid running around the north and the south. You can hear and smell the dharma in the living room at home. The "Dharma Living Room Avenue" allows the "Dharma to live and live," so that the Dharma can be practiced in our life. In order to respond to the "spiritual reform movement" advocated by the government, the dhamma has always been holding a positive and positive attitude towards the production of buddhist public welfare programs and the dissemination of the law in order to rectify the social atmosphere


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