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Taiwan Life TV , launched in 2004, has been the largest platform that integrates and transmits information about Master Hai Tao's activities. It has received a lot of approval and is very popular. Nowadays, people in Taiwan are able to watch 24-hour Buddhist programmes though Life TV. Many countries around the world, including Malaysia, Indonesia,Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines, Burma, Cambodia,Singapore, Brunei, China mainland, Macau, Korea and Japan,can watch live discourse and activities thorough the webcast.

The main theme of Life TV's programmes is loving compassion towards life. All programmes are dedicated to spreading the idea of showing love and care to all living beings. It is hoped that, by using modern technology, a platform can be built to nurture care for all living beings, increase our understanding about life, and spread the essence of Buddha's teachings-love and compassion.

In addition to the discourse given by Master Hai Tao, programmes about the teachings from other well-recognised great masters, Buddhist animations, tours in monasteries and holy places, and talks about vegetarianism are also available, so as to popularise Buddha's teachings as well as the history and culture of Buddhism. It is hoped that more people can support this pure spiritual platform so that more sentient beings can gain benefits.

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