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Ningbo Movie and TV Channel NBTV 4 focuses on "home," the theme language "if there is love, there is home," aiming at thousands of families, creating a cohesive love, creating love, sharing love, Belong to Ningbo people's own family channel.

The channel specially chooses may 15, 2012, namely the international family day as the ningbo four new sets of embarkation days, in this special moment, we hope that the ningbo four sets after the revision can add material to the life, add some fun to the life, Let life be more loving.

Self-run column: "News Four Fresh Soup" is a full-media interactive news information TV program launched by four major groups in Ningbo, which lasts 30 minutes and is broadcast at 6: 30 every night. "Lemon helps you," such as the composition of the plate, but also invited Ningbo, a well-known local commentators to form a high-level review team. The "i 4 sets" is a dim sum section of four newly launched channels in ningbo, which is broadcast at 18: 20 every night and lasts 10 minutes. The column contains movie and television entertainment, life information, and micro-blog content interaction, sneer, life creativity and other content. The host style of "i 4 sets" is a highlight of the program, which will be in the form of a talk show, and the host, ruan wei-ming, uses a unique broadcast style, with a few authentic ningbo words popping out from time to time. Let a person feel lively and vivid, humorous, laughing belly. Ningbo four sets of "happy big winner": The war in the moment, a trigger.

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