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Golden Eagle Documentary is Hunan Economic TV Station, an innovative pioneer of "TV Xiang Army," a professional documentary channel built in 2008. Its predecessor is Hunan Jingjing one of the three strong media life channel. Unlike the "big and full" television channel in the traditional sense, the golden eagle documentary channel is a professional documentary documentary line, and our target audience directly locks the middle and high-end crowd.

Jinying documentary channel currently has a total of eight columns, of which the self-run columns are currently four: "Story Hunan," "Museum through the box bottom," "documentary factory," "time walk"; Introduction column: "Interesting nature," "fashion." Based on the documentary's professional channel positioning, the channel's audience is roughly locked in the mid-to high-end of the 28-year-old. This part of the audience has some common characteristics: Higher education, basic college education above, middle-aged male audience; Relatively fastidious about television shows and used to watch them later in the evening. This part of the audience accounts for about 20% of the current TV audience, and these 20% of the population is usually a certain economic base and social status of the middle and high-end people, purchasing power is extremely rich, contains a considerable advertising value.

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