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Hunan Entertainment Channel started broadcasting on June 28, 1999, which is affiliated to Hunan Radio, Film and Television Group. it is an independent accounting and self-responsible provincial TV media. it covers the whole province by cable and wireless, and broadcasts 24 hours a day. The audience reached 36 million, ranking among the top three in the Hunan market, known as "one of the Hunan TV troika."

There are two market-oriented companies in Hunan Entertainment Channel: Shanghai Tianxing Media Co., Ltd. and Hunan Art Player Art Co., Ltd. Hunan Entertainment Channel, as the parent company, focuses on content R & D and production. the two companies are committed to the development and operation of content-related products and derivative products, and jointly build a new entertainment economic industrial chain.

"Columns and activities equal attention, innovation, subversion, re-innovation," Hunan Entertainment Channel consciously stripped off the pure artistic ambiguous packaging, adhering to the humanitarian creed of the plain edition, and building a TV supermarket that can be easily accessed and enjoyed at will. It has formed a brand column represented by "Sex and the City," "Entertainment Pioneer," and an annual brand activity represented by "Super Girl," "Star Sister Election" and "Super Male Voice." In particular, channel original "Super Girl," through cooperation with Hunan Satellite TV caused by the latest television entertainment phenomenon, so that the national attention to Hunan TV.

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