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Hunan Satellite TV International Channel has also established a strong brand influence among overseas Chinese, and its ratings have been at the forefront. In the Great Wall platform launched in October 2004, Hunan Satellite TV International Channel ranked first in ratings of provincial-level TV stations and ranked third in comprehensive ranking; The non-native overseas audience watches the survey to show that Hunan Satellite TV international channel ranks first; According to a survey conducted by the Australian Jade Interactive Chinese TV platform in Sydney, Hunan Satellite TV International was named the "most popular Mandarin Australian channel" and the "Happy Base" was awarded the "Favorite Putonghua Television Entertainment Program."

Hunan Satellite TV ratings in mainland China is very strong, 70 months in a row to maintain the provincial TV ratings first.

The programs of Hunan Satellite TV International Channel are broadcast 24 hours, of which, eight hours at night are the first broadcast programs, and the remaining 16 hours are rebroadcast programs; The program is mainly entertainment programs, including several large production, high-level, high-quality striplines throughout the week, there are seven consecutive days of broadcast, there are also Monday to Thursday continuous broadcast, This arrangement is to better meet the audience's continuous viewing needs, but also better for advertising titles to expand the dissemination of the effect. Another feature of the arrangement in conjunction with the ribbon broadcast is the rotation of the season, and the programs broadcast by the program band will be arranged differently according to the season, hot trend and other factors, and keep the heat and freshness of the program band continuously. So far, Xiangjun TV has completed the upgrade of the brand concept of "Happy China," in order to convey the spirit of happiness as the core of value, committed to create a "happy global Chinese" Chinese entertainment TV media, formally opened the "Hunan Satellite TV International Channel."

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