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Hunan TV station public channel is a policy channel and public welfare platform set up by the CPC Hunan Provincial Committee, the provincial government and the provincial radio and television group in accordance with the requirements of the Central Propaganda Department and the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television. The public channel is based on the principle of "commonweal, symbiosis and co-prosperity," with "small team, big cooperation, intensive and high-grade" as the basic operation train of thought, and with domestic and foreign fine TV products as the basic festival material for recompilation and re-creation.

Hunan TV station public channel not only has the general media news, entertainment, education, consultation, service and other functions, but also has very strong policy, public welfare and authority. At the beginning of Hunan public channel broadcasting, it was supported by various cities, counties including townships, towns and villages with its policy advantages. at present, the channel programs cover 15 cities, states, 122 counties and villages. The channel program has become the first-choice channel for Hunan TV viewers by "bringing together the essence and displaying the excellence," and the ratings have been rising steadily.

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