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Hunan Metropolitan Channel was established in May 2001, with the "urban classic, advanced culture" as the benchmark, rapidly showing a surprising growth.

Since the launch of Hunan Metropolitan Channel, it has been supported by various cities, counties including townships, towns and villages for its policy advantages. at present, the channel programs have covered 15 cities, states, 122 counties and villages of Hunan Province. Channel program to "live city, in your side" as the slogan, and become a popular television viewers in Hunan preferred channel, the ratings are rising.

Hunan city channel has city time, the world is big different, search for love and so on a large number of trump columns, the program strives to be true, objective, for ordinary people to provide a platform of complaint. Because of this, Hunan Metropolitan Channel enjoys a large audience in the local population. In September 2002, Hunan Metropolitan Channel, Hunan Jingjing, Hunan Life Channel set up New Jingshi (short for Hunan Economic TV) to shoulder the heavy responsibility of the second round reform of Hunan TV and set out brand-new. Through wired and wireless coverage of the province's 14 cities and 108 cities and counties, as well as Jiangxi, Hubei and other provinces in part of the city, the audience population exceeded 50 million. In other provinces, viewers can download the Mango TV software online via Golden Eagle to watch the three new TV shows and other local channels in Hunan.

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