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Changsha TV News Channel and Changsha People's Radio Station News Broadcasting is the main channel and main frequency determined by Changsha Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, and is also the only comprehensive main channel and main frequency of news in Changsha market.

In 2010, news channels and news broadcasting were integrated in an all-round way, which realized the sharing of news resources and human resources, and formed a good pattern for TV stations to complement each other and accelerate their development.

Changsha News Channel has launched the strategy of setting up news stations, strengthening TV dramas and active TV stations, with its own "Changsha News," "Daily Life," "Hotline 001" and other self-run programs, as well as two TV theaters, "Legend Theatre." The main pillar of channel viewing is the clear positioning of "Zhengdao Theatre." News broadcast opened "the city early bus," "the city private car," "love car love happy person," "105 love car meeting," "the city elite's cold and warm life" and other columns.


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