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Changsha TV station female channel was founded on March 28, 1999, as the only professional channel named after "female" in the country, based on the local city of Changsha, carrying out 24-hour transmission through the cable television network, with rich emotion. The television program with exquisite technique is favored by the wide audience.

Is there a cash red envelope every night from 1 to 9 o'clock? Free dinner coupons, late-night dinner? I wouldn't let anyone go to bed! In addition, that theme share meeting of "live color and fragrance" on the female channel of Changsha TV station will create a fashion party theme salon for urban professional women, insert "experiential sharing" according to different theme, Become female quality life best friend bar and heart tree hole.

Furong Theatre "Furong Theatre" is characterized by modern urban emotional drama, reflecting the affection, love, friendship between people in modern urban families, watching marriage and learning the way to get along with family. Includes the most influential and well-known of the emotional drama of the time, 19: 00 to 23: 00 per night 4 episodes of the series.


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