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Guangzhou TV Drama: launched on 1994 with TV series, currently airs Canto-dubbed series. Available in SD and HD

Guangzhou Drama Channel, the strongest emotional platform in the city - the first experience channel in urban emotional life - now ranks fifth in the evening and sixth in the day on all TV channels in Guangzhou.

Four episodes of "The Wind and the Wind Theater" hit the air every night. The average viewership reached 1.5. "True tracking" always adhere to the "great responsibility, big love" of the true recording technique, from the perspective of people's livelihood, firmly guard the emotional core, and become the region's highest ratings of the emotional trump card!

Guangzhou Video Road from March 1 after the Spring Festival holiday, a new version, a new call sign, a new operation, channel operation using the new media concept, new media means to make the channel more fashionable appeal. The Guangzhou Film and Video Channel will adhere to the concept of more complete feeling, more sincerity and more integration, stabilize the evening golden viewing rate, gradually focus on the program construction of the whole channel time, and create a batch of rich life service programs. Let Guangzhou film and television overall viewing effect and social influence to a higher level.

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