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TVS3 Variety Channel focuses on various arts, literature, music and other programs. It disseminates cultural and artistic information, reflects cultural and artistic developments and people's activities, promotes and promotes outstanding literary and artistic works in China and the world. To organize various cultural and recreational activities and strive to become the "first entertainment center" for local audiences.

GRT Variety Channel, formerly the Cable Information Channel of Guangdong Province, was launched on December 1, 1994. Guangdong Radio and TV Station is now incorporated, said the Guangdong Radio and Television Variety Channel.

TVS Television (called TVS), originally known as Southern Television Guangdong is a regional Chinese language sub-network under Guangdong Radio and Television in Southern China. TVS is based in Guangzhou and covers mainly in Guangdong and Hong Kong. Most of the channels programming and broadcast is mainly in Cantonese, with additional Mandarin Chinese broadcasts.

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